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The Stranger who was Captain Thunderbolt ...
... and the heritage of Captain Thunderbolt Office Condominiums

Captain Thunderbolt Office Condominiums consist of 8 suites in two buildings. The main building is a modern structure with 7 units. The front building is a refurbished house with a fascinating heritage -- and therein lies a tale which will explain why the property is named as it is ...

The Captain Thunderbolt House
About 1830, it is said, the people of Westville, Connecticut, were stirred out of their routine by the appearance of an uncouth, furtive-eyed man who came to the Pendleton Tavern for board and gave his name as Wilson. His strange actions and refusal to engage in conversation could not be understood. He would disappear for months, return unexpectedly and have plenty of money. No one knew his occupation and no one trusted this man who would not look one squarely in the eyes and who traveled at night.

One exception to his coldness was when he married a domestic at the boarding house. People thought he hypnotized her and her friends begged her not to marry him. The couple lived in what was said to be a haunted house on the Litchfield Turnpike, far from the center of Westville and set way back from the road, accessible only through a narrow lane. (That's the house which is part of the Captain Thunderbolt Office Condominium today!)
The historic house at the entrance to the Captain Thunderbolt Office Condominiums
When people visited his wife, he would run out the back way. One time, in a fit of rage, he chased his wife nearly a mile with a carving knife, swearing to kill her over a trivial thing. He was disarmed by two men and would have been punished except for the pleading of his abused wife.

Later, a pamphlet from Scotland came offering a reward for the notorious robber chief “Captain Thunderbolt” supposed to have fled to this country after committing numerous crimes. For his wife’s sake, no investigation was made to see if Wilson was this notorious robber, but everyone believed this was the case. At any rate, old Wilson died carrying his secret to the grave.
Captain Thunderbolt Office Condominiums
88 Bradley Road, Woodbridge, CT 06525

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